What happened to Sweet Amandine?
Sweet Amandine is the food blog I created in 2009 during my recovery from a ruptured brain aneurysm. I've archived the whole thing, words, photos, recipes, comments, and all, right here. (Please excuse the dust as I fix any broken links and formatting issues that occurred during the site migration.) You'll find a newly organized, up-to-date recipe index here

Will you still write about food here?
Maybe. Probably? I don't know! For reasons I explored here, here, and then big time in my book, the relationship between food and identity fascinates me. While that hasn't changed, other issues are now at the front of my mind. I'm currently working in new-to-me media: playwriting, musical composition, and lyric writing. It's fun, and hard, and totally embarrassing staring down the enormous gap between my taste and the work I'm producing. I've become fairly obsessed with the question of why we like what we like, hoping that if I can figure it out for myself, my taste gap will narrow, however slightly. 

Which is to say, I'll still be writing here about taste. Just "taste" expanded to include all the things, not only food, that move, inspire, bore, offend, delight, make me think - and in so doing, help me figure out the kind of art I want to make, and how.

What are you working on now?
I have two projects in the oven right now. The first is a musical about creativity in the face of mortality, invention as a form of love, and sibling relationships. I'm also working on a full-length play about a mother, two daughters, a missing piano that belongs to none of them and all of them, and the stories they tell themselves and each other. 

Do you teach writing classes? Speak at events?
Yes. I've traveled to more than thirty cities nationwide to speak at bookstores, schools, libraries, private events, and medical schools, and to teach writing to adults and high school students. If you're interested in having me speak or teach at your event, be in touch!

I'm reading Stir in my book club. Is there a set of discussion questions somewhere? 
Yes. My publisher Penguin Random House posted a Stir reading guide here

Can you tell me about your writing process?
Sure! I love talking about the writing process, especially because it's such a mystery to me. (I think it always will be.) Here's a piece I wrote when I was hugely pregnant with both my second child and a fat-but-incomplete book manuscript. And here's an Instagram post in which I explain the function of my writing log. My editor, Becky Cole, wrote a piece for Penguin Random House about her experience of my process. (Becky's a superhero and is now taking on private clients, by the way.) Finally, because I love seeing other people's work spaces, I shared some windows into mine herehere, and here

Can I contact you?
Yes, right this way.