"Getting well meant finding my everyday. I found mine in the kitchen."

When Jessica Fechtor was 28 years old, an aneurysm ruptured in her brain. She lost her sense of smell, the sight in her left eye, and was forced to the sidelines of the life she loved. Her journey to recovery began in the kitchen, as soon as she was strong enough to stand at the stovetop and stir. There, she drew strength from the restorative power of cooking and baking, and the strong link between what we eat and who we are. Stir includes 27 of the recipes that helped Fechtor find her way.

A national bestseller and winner of a Living Now award, Stir is a heartfelt examination of what it means to nourish and be nourished. 

"A recipe for living a life of meaning."
-The Wall Street Journal

"A page-turning pleasure, as well as an inspiring reminder of the healing power in our everyday routines ... Fechtor's ode to cooking as a means of salvation will make you want to cheer her on." 

"More than a story of illness, it's one of love, of suffering, of acceptance, of resilience, and, of course, of food."
-Susannah Cahalan, author of Brain on Fire

"Utterly captivating, engrossing, un-put-down-ably, terrifyingly magnificent. In a world filled with dross, Fechtor's work is breathtaking."
-Elissa Altman, author of Poor Man's Feast

"[Stir] reads like Didion if one replaced the cool with warm."
-Joanna Rakoff, author of My Salinger Year

Now out in paperback from Penguin/Plume: 
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-Audible or CD (narrated by the author)